So, what is Cyber Essentials? Well it consists of a self-assessment form that is completed by a business before being reviewed and passed by an assessor and accreditation body respectively. “Just another tick-box exercise?” I hear you ask then, and the answer is unequivocally, no!

This scheme provides a stable foundation level of cyber security, that will mitigate up to 80% of cyber-attacks targeted against your business. You will probably not even be aware of these attacks happening, but UK small businesses are facing up to 65,000 of them every day! The average cost of a successful attack on a small business is £25,000 and the most shocking statistic of all, is that 60% of businesses who fall victim are no longer trading 6 months later.

The best way to visualise it is like an “M.O.T.” for your network security. You might not think there is anything wrong with your car, but your yearly M.O.T. will pick up on things that require improvement and could pose a risk down the line. Cyber Essentials does the same thing for your cyber security measures.

Being certified means you can show your customers that you take the storage of their data seriously and are doing your upmost to protect it. This is visible both in the certificate you will be able to display and your appearance on the Government Cyber Essentials certified list. A number of insurance companies also offer discounts on their policies for businesses who are certified. 

In a nutshell if you want to protect your business, protect your reputation and protect your profit. There is one answer, get Cyber Essentials certified today!