What are the challenges facing small businesses when it comes to cyber security? 

Now the most obvious one is cost. Small businesses, in many cases simply cannot afford the expense of having a cyber security expert on their payroll or even a dedicated IT team member. We will come back to this hurdle in a moment.

Another challenge is the lack of understanding of the importance of cyber security. A report from Business in the Community, published in March 2019 found that 40% of small businesses haven’t taken any action on cyber security in the last 12 months. While those who had done so, was due to being GDPR compliant and not focused on the security aspect. This is a difficult enough hurdle but when you factor in that there has been a 40% increase in the number of businesses reporting an attack between 2018 and 2019 (now 55% of all UK firms) according to research from Hiscox, it becomes a massive obstacle. 

We want to simplify these obstacles for you and offer you a solution to fit your business size and needs. Jargon heavy guides and advice is all well and good, but not if you can’t understand it or have the time to go and learn it! We remove the jargon and tell you in plain English what needs to be done, why it needs to be done and what the end benefit will be.

We will ensure you end up with a much greater awareness and security level overall.

We understand cost is an obstacle for small businesses and we limit that as much as possible. But as a business owner, you have to really ask yourself with the increased risk of an attack on your business, and the huge costs associated with it, can you really afford to not do something about it?