The eCommerce market is expected to grow 20 % until the end of 2019, reaching nearly £3 trillion. eCommerce platforms are boundless in potential growth but also become a target for cyber-attacks. 

By now, we have all heard about card skimmers, if not they are small devices used to collect our data from a magnetic strap of any type of bank card (debit and credit cards etc) then copied into another blank bank card. Using this, the identity thief can make a purchase or withdraw cash just like the actual account holder. We can see a developing trend of hackers targeting eCommerce platforms and moving their activities into web. 

With amount of transactions carried out online increasing so much, cyber threats have become even greater too. The sheer scale of the number of and different types of attacks being carried out, make it necessary for businesses to look beyond the traditional security solutions and adapt to these new security threats.

Do you think It won’t happened to your business? Well, Symantec revelled that 4,800 websites are affected by form jacking each month.  When you multiply that by 12 months, we have 57,600 websites of business actively losing money, reputation and what’s most important customers confidential details.

So, what is form jacking? In simple terms, the code targets a vulnerability of the checkout web page (where we provide our bank card details), and neither the customer and the retailer may not be aware that payment details have been stolen and are now in possession of the 3rd party. 

It is important to ensure high standards of security when it comes to any customer data your business my hold.

Our bespoke Cyber Security Consultation will help you identify the right solutions for you and your business.

One of our team will visit you  at your site to  review your present network configuration and your cyber security needs. From staff training to network and security infrastructure, we can guide you through the options available. 

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