How Secure is Your Business Facebook profile??

Public have been educated about ANOTHER security issue in Facebook!!

This time, a third-party developer of Facebook application has been storing personal user’s data on Amazon’s servers.  Sounds good enough, but in reality, they were storing them in an unsecured manner that allowed it to be downloaded by any member of the public (according to Upgrade, a cyber-security

firm). But what that mean to us, users? Well, I can understand that FB oversees 2 billion accounts (and all data within the single profiles) but surely, I think we all thought they will try to protect our data. As a society we should revise our Social Media approaches and with caution reveal any sensitive data which may be potentially resold many times to any number of companies (PPI calls, I heard you had an accident? we all get them).

September last year over 50 million Facebook accounts were compromised via a code vulnerability that affected the View As feature.  In simple terms, hackers were able to steal access tokens, token that keeps you logged in Facebook without need of typing your credentials over again.  According to the CEO of Facebook the flaw in code has been remove and all affected accounts have been reset, the downside of it is they still does not know who is accountable for the attack. Another perfect example of hijacking our data for an unknown purpose.

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