One of the most common attacks you will encounter in your day to day lives is a phishing scam. These can vary from very clever and intricate emails made to look like they have been sent by a genuine company or tailored to your own specific details, all the way down to a basic your great-great grandmother twice removed has left you a £1 million inheritance (spoiler alert… she hasn’t!).

Spotting the latter is easy and oftentimes your spam filter or email provider will catch and mark these as junk (if they don’t you need to look at why these are getting through!), however the former can be far trickier to identify at times.

This is where we can come in with our awareness training and really empower your staff to be the front line of your cyber defence as opposed to the weakest link. You can have the best security system in the world, but it can all be undone by the right staff member getting caught out at a bad time.

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