This crisis has knocked the business world for six! Regardless of your size, we have all been forced to change our working patterns in ways that were unimaginable only a few short months ago. Suddenly we have the vast majority of the workforce working from their own homes on a potentially long term basis.

So how did you achieve that in so short a time?

Chances are it was not done with security in mind and chances are your network is now more vulnerable than ever.

Did you rely on an IT company to provide security for you?

Did you ensure your staff have done the basics, like changing the default passwords on their home routers?

Have you made sure they are aware of how to recognise phishing attempts, social engineering and the other attacks that are increasingly being used successfully by criminals agasint SME’s?

Have you carried out a new cyber risk assessment for the new way of working?

Or like many businesses have you been overwhelmed with the current situation and been focused on getting through this tough period?

We are seeing dozens of businesses being attacked on a daily basis as cyber criminals take advantage of the current situation. Help us get ahead of them and put in place the basic protections and raise your staff’s awareness of what to watch out for before its too late and you become yet another victim.

Be proactive and contact us before it happens not once it’s too late. It is far easier, cheaper and more enjoyable to help a business improve their security and raise their staff awareness, than it is to pick up the pieces.

Protect your business, protect your reputation, protect your profit.

Call or Email Ascent Cyber today and let us help you, your staff, and your business.


Coronavirus pandemic has unleashed a wave of cyber attacks heres how to protect yourself