Google Chrome web browser has a neat feature where they will now inform users when their passwords have been hacked.

If the user attempts to log into any website using a password that’s already been compromised, a warning will appear.

You can love them or hate them, but in the digital age we all rely on passwords. According to Microsoft Research the average user has 6.5 passwords and perhaps surprisingly, that the average user types in 8 password a day!

Cyber security professionals along with Government agencies have been fighting against bad password practice for a long time. Despite all this effort, there are still some people using the word “password” as a password! Using Kaspersky secure Password Check, we can see that this password will be cracked within 1 second. There are a lot of bad password choices out there, but this certainly ranks as one of the very worst!

Shockingly weak passwords are unfortunately still pretty common and SplashData has created a table of 15 worst passwords:

1.            123456

2.            password

3.            123456789

4.            12345678

5.            12345

6.            111111

7.            1234567

8.            sunshine

9.            qwerty

10.          iloveyou

11.          princess

12.          admin

13.          welcome

14.          666666 (new)

15.          Abc123

So, hopefully you will be thinking “my passwords are all much more secure than that!”… but as a business owner, can you confidently say the same for your staff?

Weak passwords could be leaving the door wide open for cyber criminals to target and cripple your business… and you wouldn’t even know about it!

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