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Cyber Security Packages

Our Cyber Essentials Basic and our Cyber Essentials Compliance Policy are sold separately, but if you don’t have cyber policies in place we highly recommend buying both together as the policies are required in order to pass Cyber Essentials.

We also offer fully managed Cyber Essentials Service from as little as £125 per month.

Cyber Essentials

Protect your business from common cyber threats and be prepared when applying for lucrative contracts, and we can help you pass first time.

Our basic support package is available to purchase online here.

Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment with 2 hours Phone support.

We will pre-assess your application, allowing you to make any changes necessary before submission.

Cyber Essentials Compliance Policy

Our policy package will be a cyber hygiene roadmap for your business.

This will help you comply with current data protection expectations and prepare you for Cyber Essentials Certification.

In order to gain Cyber Essentials Certification, your organisation must meet the required policy specifications.

Our policy package, if implemented correctly ensures you have what you need to pass!