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Our Happy Clients

We were seeking to achieve Cyber Accreditation in order that we could promote the needs and benefits to our Clients of Cyber Insurance.

There was no obstacle to our purchasing of this service, we were keen to do so and we very impressed with the delivery of this product.

We have secured several new Cyber Insurance risks and the Accreditation is contained in our E Mails.

The product is very necessary in this day and age of increasing Financial Crime.

We would confirm that an Audit of their existing Computer systems was crucial for the continuing protection of their data. The resulting Accreditation is evidence that they have successfully completed the Audit

Glen McLelland

We were trying to plug any potential leaks in our cybersecurity. With far more cyber breaches reported than previous years, we believed that now more than ever it’s important to shore up any entry points used by cybercriminals.

We are now fully certified in cyber essentials from the Scottish Government thanks to Ascent – This gives our customers a greater sense of reliability and safety when purchasing for us.

Having the peace of mind that comes with cybersecurity – Even 1 cyber attack could cripple us and ruin our reputation. Customer information could also potentially be leaked maliciously.

I’d recommend Ascent for speedy and honest evaluation of your current cyber security situation. Then to provide a fair price to correct and buff up your security measure whilst teaching the basics.

Niall Fraser

Stephanie and the team at Ascent Cyber were absolutely superb when we went for our Cyber Essentials accreditation. They made the whole process completely painless, and were extremely friendly and helpful from start to finish. If you are looking to achieve Cyber Essentials, I can heartily recommend Ascent Cyber!

Iain Guthrie

The team from Ascent Cyber I highly recommended. They have given above and beyond advise and training with complete professionalism. Thank you Ascent!

Lauren Matthews

Thank you so much Ascent for all your help. Steph you’re a star, I’m sure my business will now be safe. There’s so much I thought I had in hand but you opened my eyes to so many problems I had that could have caused me a lot of trouble. Thanks again for everything.
Great service

Chris Matthews

Cannot recommend Ascent Cyber highly enough – they are awesome! Cyber Essentials Certification is so important for any business and gives your customers peace of mind and complete confidence that their data and information is safe with you. Ascent Cyber make the whole process so easy and pain free. They are such a helpful and friendly company and I have already recommended them to other business contacts of mine, who converted into raving fans themselves.

Andrea Martin

After a very helpful Cyber security session with Ascent Cyber I came away with lots of helpful hints and knowledge on how to look out for and prevent any security breaches.
A very enthusiastic small group and hard working team!

Much appreciated 🙂

Katie Kingshott

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