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Security is crucial, but doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us provide simple and stress-free solutions to protect your business and its customers from the worries and costs of cybercrime.

From cyber defence and Cyber Essentials training to website security monitoring and threat analysis, our team has your company’s best interests at the heart of everything we do.

Government Certified

Government Certified

Cyber Security Consultants

Security Consultants

Cyber Security Training Specialists

Cyber Training Specialists

Website Security

Website Security

Why Invest In Cyber Security?

In todays fast moving digital world, keeping on top of your business cyber security can be tough. The number of cyber attacks on SME’s has risen, and business owners lack the time or expertise to stay safe. We can help to mitigate any digital threats.

As certified cyber security experts we work with and support hundreds of companies like yours to ensure they are cyber secure. We utilise tried and tested security software and solutions to ensure our clients have the best protection available.

Protect your customers with cyber security

Protect your customers

Secure your defences with Cyber Security

Secure your defences

Empower your staff with cyber security

Empower your staff

Cyber Defence Services

We provide easy-to-understand cyber defence solutions and training, including our government-approved Cyber Essentials Certification, to help protect your business, employees, and customers while online. 

Cyber Essentials Certification

Protect your business from common cyber threats and be prepared when applying for lucrative contracts – often a requirement for public sector contracts

Cyber Security Policy Package

A complete policy package that will be a cyber hygiene roadmap for your business and employees, helping you comply with data protection laws and expectations

Cyber Training And Awareness Sessions

Educate, empower and enlist your staff as the front line of your defence. We equip you and your staff with the knowledge and tools to protect your business and its data

Website Security Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your online shop front – with intrusion prevention and regular threat reports

Cyber Security Package

We make your journey towards securing your business as seamless as possible. Our flexible managed cyber security staff training and threat protection services are bundled and can be tailored to the needs of your company.

This ensures that you and your staff have the level of knowledge and protection against cyber security breaches your company requires.


Security Consultation
Cyber Essentials Assisted & Cyber Policy Package
  • £125 p/m
  • 1-10 Devices
  • £150 p/m
  • 11-20 Devices
  • £175 p/m
  • 21-30 Devices
  • £200 p/m
  • 31-40 Devices
  • £225 p/m
  • 41-50 Devices


Security Consultation
Cyber Essentials Assisted, Policy Package & Website Security Monitoring
  • £175 p/m
  • 1-10 Devices
  • £199 p/m
  • 11-20 Devices
  • £225 p/m
  • 21-30 Devices
  • £249 p/m
  • 31-40 Devices
  • £275 p/m
  • 41-50 Devices


Add Staff Awareness Training
To either package
for an additional:
  • + £21 p/m
  • 1-10 Employees
  • + £62 p/m
  • 11-20 Employees
  • + £104 p/m
  • 21-30 Employees
  • + £145 p/m
  • 31-40 Employees
  • + £187 p/m
  • 41-50 Employees

Get Cyber Essentials Online Certified

Our Cyber Essentials Basic and our Cyber Essentials Compliance Policy are sold separately, but if you don't have cyber policies in place we highly recommend buying both together as the policies are required in order to pass Cyber Essentials.

If you're looking for Cyber Essentials online, our packages are perfect for you.

Cyber Essentials

Protect your business from common cyber threats and be prepared when applying for lucrative contracts, and we can help you pass first time.

Our basic support package is available to purchase online here.

Cyber Essentials Self-Assessment with 2 hours Phone support.

We will pre-assess your application, allowing you to make any changes necessary before submission.

Cyber Essentials Compliance Policy

Our policy package will be a cyber hygiene roadmap for your business.

This will help you comply with current data protection expectations and prepare you for Cyber Essentials Certification.

In order to gain Cyber Essentials Certification, your organisation must meet the required policy specifications.

Our policy package, if implemented correctly ensures you have what you need to pass!

Meet Our Dedicated
Web Security Team

We know what it is like to be business owners. We know how much time and effort it takes to turn a vision into reality.

We have seen other business owners spend years of dedication and hard work on their company, only for it to be destroyed at the hands of cyber criminals.

That’s why our passion is to help business owners protect themselves and their livelihoods from online crime.

Our Dedicated Web Security Team

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